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Month: January 2023

Top daily food items to stay long and healthy life

Top daily food items to stay long and healthy life

Thecontinuous work schedule and pattern of eating food these days is totally wrong in comparison to past decades. There may be various reasons for irregular diet plan. But still you have to take out time for these two to live healthy life.

Stay Fit And Healthy

Foods that will help you start a healthy life:

However, top daily food items to stay long and healthy life are:-

  • Oatmeal and double toned milk– these two are basic ingredients which should be consumed in breakfast every morning by all age group. It is very healthy as it contains fiber, 0% cholesterol and Tran’s fat that keep fat away and you will feel great till lunch time. Fruits like apple, guava and papaya are some essential fruits that help in digestion. Body toxics are easily released from the body when these three fruits are eaten on daily basis.
  • Green vegetables:- if you find green veggies like cabbage, cucumber, latish leaves, broccoli etc. boring and non-spicy, then friends you must acquire knowledge that these are the most effective veggies that can be consumed while having lunch. The organs, skin and blood gets amazing nutrition by eating them with main course.
  • Eat fruits:- raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes are some fabulous fruit items that can be taken on daily basis in limited quantity. They increase the life of organs and keep blood flow perfect. In order to allow your heart work nicely for long years then you should eat above mentioned fruits daily around 200Gms.
  • Intake of almonds:- this is the best dry fruit that contains vitamins, fiber, calcium, magnesium and iron. Almonds are regarded as one of the best top daily food items to stay long and healthy life.
  • Oily fish consumption: – there are diverse kinds of fishes in the world which people eat, but oily fish is a different species that should be consumed by people on regular basis in dinner or lunch. They should be cooked with low quantity of spices and should be baked instead of frying because it contains 30% oil i.e. omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in maintaining the functions of heart and nervous system.

Where do you find them?

However, the above stated top daily food items are easily available in market or online grocery stores. Always eat fresh and organic food items rather than hybrid because nutrients are more in organic food products than other types. Hence, live healthy and long for years by eating low cholesterol food items with rich in fiber contents.