Fertility Test: Test How High Your Fertility Rate

Fertility Test: Test How High Your Fertility Rate

If you have been waiting for a long time to get pregnant, yet unsuccessful on this journey of an expectant mother, perhaps you need to talk to a doctor or an OB-Gyne. A fertility testing will be advised to perform a fertility assessment, to find the fertile window in the menstrual cycle. Generally, health affects fertility and STI testing is an essential related field.

How is fertility tested?

The fertility test malaysia is given to the woman using an ultrasound to look at the ovaries and uterus to give a blood test to check the hormones. Sometimes, you need to start tracking the ovulation patterns through the following:

  • checking the cervical mucus
  • taking temperature
  • using a home ovulation test

A fertility test is used to detect ovulation and diagnose infertility, the inability to reproduce by natural means. The term is defined as not getting pregnant after one year of sex with no contraception. Infertility is due to a problem with one or more steps in the pregnancy process.

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Male and female testing

When starting the fertility journey, you must talk to the fertility experts about the fertility check. There are many questions asked about fertility and the chances of getting pregnant. For the fertility test, it is not the only woman who will undergo the test, but also the partner or the man.

  • Female fertility testing. AMH test is a fertility check that involves one of the most common female fertility tests. The blood test measures the level of Anti-Mullerian Hormone and provides information about the current ovarian reserve or egg supply. A lower value indicates low or diminished ovarian reserve.

There is this IVF test, which is a blood test to find out how many eggs will be available in the body. The result of the blood test is used together with the ultrasound of the ovaries that helps predict how the ovaries respond to fertility medicines – semen analysis.

  • Male testing. This time, it is the semen analysis, a fertility check consists of a make test. The analysis measures the key indicators for sperm health, including:
  • Number of sperm
  • Shape of the sperm
  • Sperm motility

The semen analysis is scheduled in advance and should be scheduled at the same time as the female test; this is done with testing with the partner. If you want to move forward with the fertility check, you can inquire about fertility tests in Malaysia and follow the instructions.

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